Stop. Back Up. Grow describes invisible barricades to growth, strategies to discover personal belief systems, and practical techniques to help make the changes required for growth. This is not a scientific, fact-based study; this book simply guides the reader to gain more awareness of their current situation, learn to take ownership of their life (right or wrong), and take action toward growth, whatever that may be.

Paul Angelle

A lifelong resident of Louisiana, Paul Angelle works as management advisor for How to Manage a Small Law Firm. Originally from Carencro, he grew up in Lafayette, spent over a decade in New Orleans, and currently live in Sunset.

Angelle grew up working in his father’s Cajun restaurant, and after graduation, worked in sales and sales management for over 20 years. He managed multiple restaurants, launched two regional sports magazines, and created a sports photography business. In high school he drew animated caricatures at “Downtown Alive” in Lafayette, designed logos for businesses, fashioned artwork for t-shirts, and created memorial portraits for survivors of deceased family members.

The formula is unconventional but employs common sense and humor at the same time. The content is personal and could be classified as ‘Self-Help – Motivational’, ‘Business Culture – Self-Improvement’, ‘Business Management – Leadership & Motivation’, or ‘Personal Development – Success’. Most feedback from friends and family has been extremely positive, and the common description I hear is that the book is “inspirational” or “motivating.” Most of the anecdotes focus on places that would be familiar to natives of Acadiana.

Stop. Back Up. Grow.

A Personal Growth Formula That is as Easy as Falling Down

STOP. BACK UP. GROW really is as easy as falling down and this book is a great fit on the bookshelves of businesspeople and entrepreneurs, but it also belongs in the hands of anyone ready to move forward in a purposeful and meaningful way.

Stop/Back Up/Grow is full of inspiration, honesty and common sense. This book is a short, easy-to-read, motivational book that will lead to success for every reader who follows Paul’s advice. He is not only a great storyteller, he understands the fundamentals of success and wastes no time showing the reader just how to achieve it. Taking ownership in our lives is important and this book makes that much easier. It makes no difference in how you define growth, this book will deliver results. It is a powerful read at a time when so many people can use one. ~ Ivan R. Misner, Ph.D.

Founder of BNI and New York Times Bestselling Author